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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Barbie Birthday Stripper Card

I kept up a slow, steady, motion with my prick, sliding three or four inches in and out of my granddaughter's tight pussy at the same steady pace. I wanted to see how long we could keep this background fuck going before it took over the conversation.

I was so excited! My first day as a senior. I had turned 18 a few weeks ago and I had a huge party. After all of them left except for a few or were sleeping over for the night, we all went out for a swim. There were about 5 girls and 7 guys including myself. The girls went into my parents bedroom to change and we all changed in my room. The girls were taking a long time to change so when all the guys were dressed I told all them to go out to the pool and hop in and I would go get the girls.

Gina looked and smiled. "Hi! Everything fit ok?" Kathy giggled a little. "they don't fit me quite the way they do you, but I'll manage." Gina paused a moment and let her eyes wander down to Kathy's breasts. "I think everything fits you just fine." Kathy caught the long gaze and turned a little red. "Gee, thanks I think", she stammered in a kidding tone. Gina spoke up again. "I'd give anything to have breasts like yours." Kathy broke the tension by wandering over to one of the machines and looking it over. "How the hell does this thing work? She asked.


Then she was rushing towards the door. One word seemed to blaze through her mind. Escape. She had to escape. She'd rather freeze to death then marry someone she didn't know, someone she didn't love. She turned the handle on the door, felt it open and was about to rush through when her hair was caught in a fist and she was yanked backwards. She fell against her stepbrother and he raised his fist, furious at being made a fool of.

"His first wife slept around on him, Kelly, and he's a nut about fidelity. I don't know, maybe he'll understand, but..."

Suzy kept glancing over at me. I could tell she wanted to talk to me but was trying to make some kind of decision. Finally, when the two couples that were sitting with us got up to dance Suzy finally said something.

"It's just that I can't really talk to anyone about it," she said, sipping at her beer and looking over at me. "Tom takes it too personal, like I'm saying he's not man enough for me. You're the only one I have."

Without another word, Katherine kissed her daughter on the forehead . rose and left the room. Soon, the sound of running water could be heard from the bathroom.

"You don't have to leave so fast," I protested. "My girlfriend's birthday is coming up soon. Maybe you can sell me some perfume or something to give her."

"Yes John, lick me" she pleaded.

As if reading my mind, she smiled and said, “A deal’s a deal!”

Prospero was much more than a magician. He was a prophet.

"Fuck me." I whispered, letting the pot propel us to another level. I usually didn't do this but I felt such a connection with Johanna, a connection made before and intensified by the smoke, that I couldn't wait for a condom. With every inch, I panted and quivered, loving the moment when she seated herself inside me, her soft, furry balls bumping my butt cheeks. "Oh, God, yes." She leaned forward and I realized that she'd taken her top down and her glorious nipples were scraping my bare back.

I screamed out in ecstasy when he started fucking my pussy with his magical tongue. He slid his wet finger into my ass while stroking my pussy. This intensified the sensations from his mouth. His finger and tongue worked together, making me feel like I had two guys working me over. My cries of pleasure grew louder as orgasm approached. I started bucking and shaking....suddenly he stopped tonguing and fingering me.

"Yes," Leslie sighed.